Friday, August 21, 2009

Role of Energy Performance Certificate Advisors

Who needs an Energy Performance Certificate?An Energy Performance Certificate, also known as EPC, is the rating given to specific properties in the United Kingdom region. This grading is normally done for four or more bedroom houses and is used to encourage households to achieve optimum energy efficiency. An Energy Performance Certificate is part of the Home Information Pack. The agent or the seller is required to commission the certificate which is issued by accredited agents called Energy Performance Certificate assessors. The information collected by the assessor includes the location and construction. He is also required to check the fittings such as heating and insulation systems. What information does an Energy Performance Certificate provide?An Energy Performance Certificate is a certificate indicating the energy efficiency of a home. This assessment is indicated through grading which is done on a scale of A to G with the houses belonging to category A being the most energy efficient and having the best energy saving techniques. The environmental impact of the house is also indicated by the Energy Performance Certificate with the houses in Category A having lesser carbon dioxide emissions. An average home in the United Kingdom gets a D or E rating. Steps are suggested in the Energy Performance Certificates so that homes can improve their energy consumption pattern and save money.Who are Energy performance certificate advisors?Energy performance certificate advisors are the same as Energy Performance Certificate assessors. These advisors are members of an accreditation scheme and adhere to its code of conduct and procedures. They are called so, since, along with assessing the energy efficiency of homes, these professionals are also required to give advice regarding the steps that can be taken to improve the energy efficiency of the house, to improve the efficiency ratings of the house and to save money on energy consumption bills. How can help?www.environmental-surveyors.som is the official website of Wilbourn Associates which is a firm of professional chartered environmental surveyors. Although there are many firms offering similar services, Wilbourn Associates are the best in the field. The firm employs expert Energy performance certificate advisors who can assess the energy efficiency of a house and also issue the performance certificates. Not only is the firm involved in helping their clients check the land contamination or asbestos contamination on their sites, it also helps them clear their property of those contaminants. On the official site, you can find information regarding the services offered by the firm which include environment screenings, environmental impact assessments, and the assessment and issuing land quality statements. If you need help regarding clearing any issue related to land development or assessment, chances are that the articles on the site related to these issues will be of help to you.

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